Casual Monday

Casual Monday is not a dress down day (you know we do that everyday) but rather a relaxing day after the Frantic Friday we had.  Some of the guys were here until 10:30 at night and I was still here at 7 which is not like me.  This time of year we expect a few Fridays like this so no one was surprised. I don’t see that happening this week because with the boats with the longest work orders are all gone now so we are down to manageable workloads.  I always look forward to Spring  for the weather to start getting warm but it seems that I forget how stressful this time of year can be.

There is still plenty of polishing to do as always. We had one to do outside – Carlos is rushing on this as there may be a thunderstorm today and the boat needs to be launched this week. The other is inside and Kevin is working around the varnish crew to avoid getting polish on fresh varnish.

We had a Legacy with missing windshield wiper washer nozzles (well not missing – just broken off). Rather than trying to source out marine nozzles which are quite pricey, we just put in universal automotive ones and being plastic, they are not really subject to salt water corrosion.

The nice thing about these is that the nozzle itself is a little stainless ball joint that can be swiveled to the position you need to get the water where you want it. Since these were just bedded we haven’t tried them out yet – but they should work just fine and we probably saved the owner about a hundred dollars on the job.

Steve Price build a real nice cover for a 420 we had out in the yard. It also has an extension that can be added to cover the whole hull when the boat is stored.

I wasn’t aware that we had customers like this here at the yard, but someone left us a nice present out at the docks right next to the walkway. Thanks!