11186It started out a bit damp and drizzly early but is shaping up to be a beautiful day. And for something totally different, almost everyone is here today.  It seems a bit unusual now to see so many people scampering about.  Turtle is off today but snail seems to have taken a new partner for the day. I must apologize for the picture quality today. I had my camera set for close up images in the shop over the weekend and forgot to change it back. I didn’t notice until I stuck the chip in the reader. Last thing Friday they were hauling the Eastbay 49 and in fact were still putting in the building when I sorta disappeared. Hey, that beer couldn’t start without me so I had to get home before it started to go bad. There were a few more boats at the dock when we came it this morning — including yet another Eastbay 49 and a Grand Banks 46 Europa. These should both be winterized by day’s end. 11182 I also noticed that a mast got mysteriously painted over the weekend. Not quite sure who did it but they did leave the compressor on all weekend or we wouldn’t have noticed it. 11181 From the Workshop 11184I would be remiss if I didn’t show these since I whetted your appetite on Friday talking about looking for acorn pictures so I could turn some. I had gone out under my Oak tree (which was actually a cutting from the Wye Oak if you are familiar with that) to pick up a real acorn but as I suspected, the squirrels have been busy and all I found were empty caps. It is hard to see the texture on the cap in the photo but I had picked up a texturing tool and this was the perfect venue for it. One is walnut and sycamore and the other is cherry and maple. Both have little hidden cavities perfect for giving maybe a diamond ring at Christmas.