My first post in November – I guess November REALLY means the storage season is here. Not as many boats came in over the weekend as we anticipated most like due to the spectacular weather we had on Saturday.  I also know some folks wanted the boat to be in the water for the Waterfowl Festival in Easton beginning Thursday, Nov 7 and going through Sunday.  I did find a Bristol Trawler sitting out there but the owner is not actually done with the boat yet. I guess everyone likes to get one more cruise in and then find out that the only cruise they will get is the one to the boat yard. 11043 We also had a boat going down to Florida who needed a quick haul out for some prop work. This was unexpected so it is tying our lift up for the morning. 11041 Notice the nice dinghy system he has on this boat. I wanted to examine it more carefully but that would have required me finding a ladder and carrying out the boat — and I was chilly! 11042 From the Workshop bigjugsThis piece was made as a memorial piece for my mother-in-law since I didn’t feel confident enough yet to do the actual cremation urn. It was tuned out of sapele and actually has a seam going in both directions. I laminated two 8/4 pieces to get the thickness I needed. The vase is tall and the easiest way to hollow it was to cut it in half, hollow each half and then glue back together. I had intended to use some decorative banding to mask the horizontal seam but it so effectively disappeared that I could really find it without looking “real hard”. This is my tallest vessel yet standing in at 11″. It could easily be the quarter pounder (without cheese of course). I did use a bit of dye on the base and top spindle. The lid is walnut.