Believe it or not, we are starting to haul boats for the winter TODAY. I heard through the rumor mill that towards the end of the week we will be getting nights in the upper 30’s. That’s enough for all but the heartiest to give up on the boating season now. As an update to Friday’s post John wanted me to share some information. So from John’s Email:

Here are teh photos of teh simulation after all the measuring and engineering had been acomplished. The design was blown up to match the scale of these model boats. THE model boats and scale is based on a GB 42./46 of slips on the South side of teh Dock and GB Eastbay boats to 40 ‘ on the North side of the dock. Three locations were designed to take large Catermarans. These being the services area to teh North and South as well as the “T”

 The T was also designed to accomodate a large motoryacht
Workshop Update
This may not interest all of you but it is good for me to feel that at least part of my life is fulfilling. This weekend was was to dye for. I like playing with dyes — especially if you are working with unattractive wood. The red one was some locust and the green one is cherry and while the cherry is attractive, I’d made too many cherry things lately.