Everyone is in Oxford today — doing something? I didn’t actually get out that early on Friday – it was after 4.  That just means I will probably be a no-show one day this week. I have accumulated quite the store of vacation and sick time and it is time. So nothing to post today. I can give you a bit of weekend shop update since it is what I live for. This is a piece of mahogany that one of our customers sent me (thanks, Ted!). I brought this in along with another for show and tell today. I had two customers in who were very impressed by the quality! mahogany1mahogany2 Somebody just gave me a chunk of wood Friday night and didn’t know what it was – and neither did I but I turned a piece of it Saturday any way. I believe it was locust (very dense) and not all that attractive. So I experimented with some dye on it. It tuned out okay – not show quality though. I’m probably going to lose the reveal I left on the top. red1red2