02109We had a smattering of snow last night or as I call it “just enough”.  We are stuck in the low 30’s most of the week though. It looks like may 2 or 3 people found the blog yesterday as we had a helluva spike in the stats as it 95% higher on Sunday than normal and just as much of an increase for a Monday morning. If you are new here, hi! Last week I told you I would show how the cabin side repair was being done and Rumsey did bring me a photo Friday afternoon.  In this photo you cans see the Coosa board and the teak that was inserted for holding screws. 02101We have an Eastbay getting the helmdeck area being varnished out there. With the boat tented and an oil filled radiator it is quite comfortable (like my shop) and ideal temperature for varnish. 02102Carlos is still tackling bottom prep on a daily basis and yet doesn’t seem burned out on it. Must be that weird music he listens to that lulls him into a false sense of complacency. 02103 I showed a swim platform on a trailer. Here is the hydraulic lift mechanism that goes with it. We were checking it out for fit but need to paint the boat before installing. 02104The Cat pumps should be ready to reinstall but the engine and area where they were installed need a bit of work – the side effect of leaking raw water pumps. We had just painted these engines a year or two ago so the rust didn’t have a place to bite in but rusty stains are in the area and below it on the stringers. 02106We had a leak in the main water pipe feeding this building. Not a burst pipe but rather a fitting gone awry. The whole was deep enough to almost encapsulate Carlos. In this photo he had begun filling the hole and getting down in there to tamp. We needed somebody heavier for this — but the hole would have needed to be wider! You can just see the state roads  guy leaning on his shovel in the background. 02108From The Workshop 2014-02-08 17.04.48As I mentioned above, quite warm in my shop this weekend and I am able to keep the beer cold in the unheated half of the shop. The best of both worlds! The bowl here is my first segmented piece that I made from some scraps of Red Oak that someone left me and some scraps of cherry for the top ring. I tried taking some short cuts which is a no-no,  so it is not perfect but you can’t tell from the photo!