It’s late post today for no particular reason other than I’m cold and there’s not much to blog about. I do know it got real cold over the weekend and I ran out of propane out in the shop about mid-afternoon yesterday so it chased me to the comfort of the house early. I came in here to just as cold an environment this morning but finally got it heated up to only slightly miserable temperatures.   I did go out and watch them moving boats on cradles into the main shop here. 11251 There was a lot of man handling going on and the potential for injury was ever-present. I saw the outboard end swing over while being pulled by the truck but fortunately the guy standing between the boat and the edge of the door was able to jump out of the way. 11252 It all worked out fine and after some fine-tuning we should be able to get more boats in. 11253 Since we only have 3 days this week I’ll try to do better.