Back (sort of)

I couldn’t miss another day – that would just be too much. Our crew is in the air at this point on the way back to Maryland but I’m guessing they are going to be a “no show” tomorrow since they were putting in 12 hour days. I hope it was worth it since we missed a whole lot of billable time! The yard crew is still polishing – which, face it, is just boring to show on the blog (unless maybe it’s your boat they are working on.)   They did have one incident yesterday while polishing. They hit a horn with the polisher – not very hard mind you – but it broke right off. When we investigated we found the corrosion on the fitting had eaten into the base. Fortunately there was enough thread left to clean it up and reinstall.

Another problem we spotted on a boat was one you have heard me lecture about before – high rubber seams on the deck. If you let these go, they will end up destroying the seals on the seams and we don’t want that do we?

I’ll try to do something fun for “Anything Can Happen Friday” since I was so slack this week. If you have been reading for a while I’ll bet you can’t remember 2 days in a row with no blog. I’m surprised I still have a job for a stunt like that!