Flexiteek Teak Deck Alternative

Teak deck substitueWe have removed quite a few teak decks here and our usual approach is to paint the exposed surface with Awlgrip and non-skid for a maintenance-free finish. How about a material that gives you the look and feel of teak decking without the maintenance or pitfalls of teak decks. The material I am referring to is Flexiteek composite PVC deck material. According to the manufacturer, the product is durable, UV resistant, non-skid and easy to clean. It will not turn gray over time and if it gets stained it can just be sanded back to original color with a light sanding.  Because of the way it is constructed and installed, it can form to the camber of a deck and uses no screws – which means no screw holes into the core of your deck. I assume the bedding would also fill and protect screw holes and pin holes left from a teak deck removal. I would also assume that while the deck needs to be flat to install, it would not take as much fairing as it would to paint the decks. To learn more, visit the Flexiteek website.  If you would be interested in trying this product on your boat, contact us.