LED Lights for your boat

Engine room light with replacement LED bulb panel
Engine room light with replacement LED bulb panel
There are many benefits to having LED lights in your boat. The single-most feature is less power draw from your batteries. Battery life is always of concern especially if you tend to anchor out where you don’t have access to shore power. Some claim up to 90% efficiency compared to traditional bulbs. Early LED lighting seemed a bit “lack luster” but with modern technology the emitted light seems brighter and uses less diodes for the same output as the earlier panels. The second benefit of the LED lighting is the life expectancy of the bulbs themselves. We’re talking about 30,000 hours (more or less depending on where you get your information). In any case the chance of having to replace that bulb again is slim — which is especially good if the light is, say at the top of the mast or some other inconvenient location. If you take into consideration the labor you pay the yard to replace bulbs it makes good sense to pay a bit more and never have that invoice again. bulbOf course installing a new LED fixture is a better idea even though you can buy bulbs for almost any fixture now. The benefit of the new fixture vs. the replacement bulb is that they eliminate the chance of corrosion inside the bulb socket (most LED fixtures do not have a socket but instead the diodes are hard-wired). Of course the fixtures are not inexpensive so unless you need the fixture for some other reason most people are going to just go the bulb route. Another benefit which is tied directly to the power consumption is the heat factor. Since they draw considerably less power they also generate far less heat. Heat build up can prematurely kill bulbs and rubber gaskets meant to keep lights water tight. If you need light bulbs replaced while your boat is being serviced, be sure to ask us to install LED equivalents in lieu of the standard bulb. It makes you look brighter!
Perfect replacement for overhead lights on Eastbay 49!