Spring Maintenance Routines

Spring Maintenance RoutinesOwning a boat means caring for a boat. The most important time for boat care is during the Spring Maintenance Routine. There is never a good reason to skimp on maintenance, especially at the beginning of the boating season. We have outlined the most important steps for starting your routine.
  1. Compound and polish hull and superstructure – see details on “making your boat shine
  2. Exterior Varnish – see details on “The icing on the cake
  3. Prep and paint bottom, change zincs
  4. Change engine and generator zincs
  5. Examine underwater gear, repack or adjust stuffing boxes
  6. Wash canvas, inspect and lube snaps
  7. Service dinghy engine and inspect dinghy
  8. Check all bulbs, replace as necessary
  9. Check and certify extinguishers
  10. Inspect bilge pumps and float switches
  11. Service spurs
  12. Replace sight tube hoses (if needed), inspect fuel system
  13. Check wiper blades and motors
  14. Clean window tracks and windows, Apply rain-x
Other items that need attention, maybe not on an annual basis, but frequently none-the-less are:
  1. Propeller reconditioning
  2. Air Conditioning / Refrigeration testing
  3. Teak Deck maintenance
  4. Gelcoat repairs
  5. Shaft bearing inspections
Most of the items above can be done by our yard when we commission your boat, if you request a full-service commissioning. Also, once a year you should request a full engine-room check by one of our trained mechanics. Boating is only truly fun when it is trouble-free. Also see: Estimating Maintenance Costs