Indoor Boat Storage in Maryland

We store tons of boats every year. The reason we do such a good business is that we offer indoor storage. Of course we offer outside storage as well, but the big money boats go inside. Why you ask. The following is why inside storage is better for you and your boat.

Outside storage This can happen when boats are merely covered for the storage season. Protection Boats inside are protected from the worst weather the year offers. UV rays are actually just as damaging in the winter. UV rays and sunlight affect almost all the cosmetics on your boat. They bleach out canvas, interior fabrics, bleach out gelcoat and varnish, and generally create more expense. In addition to the sun, snow and rain, if allowed to accumulate on the boat, will find their way inside. Maintenance Boats stored inside can have work performed on them during the off season so that when the weather breaks, they can just be launched and go. Most often the winter season, when the boat is not being used, is when all the bigger projects are done. Every winter we install bow thrusters, do bearing jobs, install air conditioning systems and the like. Our largest storage building Boats for sale Boats that are for sale should definitely be stored inside. Potential buyers can board the boats despite the weather. The boats can be plugged in and extra lighting installed to have the boat show at it’s best. The boat can be put away looking sharp and stay that way. A boat for sale should never be shrink-wrapped. It will be dark inside and hard to walk around on – both a turn-off for potential buyers. All in all, indoor storage is a good value for an expensive boat and an investment in the resale value. For more information on boat storage, visit our Dickerson Harbor section.икони