Power to the people!

CablemasterOne of the annoyances of boating is dealing with shore power cords. They get lost, they get dirty, they get tangled and are just a hassle in general. One way to avoid all of these problems is to install a Cablemaster system made by Glendinning Products. The Cablemaster is an automatic cord retraction system. When using the cord, you just pull out as much as you need to reach an outlet, the rest stays tucked away in the retractor unit out of the way and out of the destructive UV rays and dirt. Not only is this convenient, but it protects your cord. If you have replaced your cord before, you know that it wouldn’t take many replacements to pay for the system. That and the ease of use compared to getting the cord out, hooking up and stowing again should make a believer out of you. If you are interested in getting an estimate for a Cablemaster installation on your boat, email me. Or you can download a brochure.