Assessing boat interiors

When inspecting an interior, try not to use a designer’s eye, but rather a mechanic’s eye. In other words, don’t judge other people’s idea of design, simply decide whether the raw interior will work for your use. Look to see if the sole and furniture have been maintained, whether the layout will accommodate your use plan. If your idea of a quiet evening is to curl up with a good book, make sure there is a comfortable chair (or room to put one) and adequate lighting. If the overall plan works, then try to envision what you would do, if it were your boat, to make it more comfortable for you and your guests. After a boat changes hands, its whole interior usually changes to adapt to the owner’s whims and personality.
Interior Chairs Down Galley
If you enjoy reading aboard, or just feeling luxurious, chairs like these above, as well as good lighting are important. Some prefer the “down-galley” arrangement (above) as it separates the galley from the living area. But to some cooks, the isolation will detract from the socializing.
Berth arrrangement Boat storage space
The stateroom should be as comfortable as your bedroom at home. This includes having the right climate controls, lighting and a pleasing decor. You will find that no matter how much storage you think you need, you can double that amount for what you actually need.
Our suggestions for interior enhancements: Boat Blinds Boat blinds have multiple purposes. They help you control the light. They give you privacy when docked at a marina. They give an elegance to your boat which can’t be achieved through the use of curtains alone. And finally, boat blinds help protect the interior by blocking the ultra-violet light when you are away from the boat. They come in a variety of colors – both natural wood color or designer colors and can be fit to virtually and shape window.