Welcome To Our 50th Year

Welcome to Dickerson Harbor, and our fiftieth year in association with The Oxford Yacht Agency, Inc. As quality boat builders and boat owners, we know a good boat should last 100 years. The most efficient way to accomplish this is with a roof. It doesn’t have to be heated, but it helps; it must stop the rain, wind, and effects of ultraviolet light.

This Fall, we are again offering three levels of covered storage in heated, closed, and open-ended buildings. We have found these combinations to be very effective when aligned on a North-South axis. The costs are $1 per square foot per month for our most popular option (open-ended building) and $1.50 per square foot per month for heated space. These rates are for a six month season, November 1st thru April 30th. The rates are for boats with keels, antennas, radar masts, flybridges, or a vertical clearance of 18-37 feet. We can accommodate boats with a vertical clearance of 18-28 feet in heated storage, and boats with a vertical clearance of 18-37 feet in non-heated covered storage.

For example, a Grand Banks 36 is 40’ LOA, with a beam of 13’ 6” = 540 sq. ft

Covered storage, not heated = $540/month or $3240/6 months

Heated storage = $810/month or $4860/6 months

Our most popular storage agreements result in large boats with signal or antenna masts or flybridge enclosures that do not need to be lowered or removed! We want to have efficient operations to keep the costs reasonable.

We have limited space in the heated storage buildings, so please advise us of your plans as soon as possible.

Download our Winter Storage Request form Here.

We also offer outdoor storage at $6 per linear foot/month for a six-month season and $7 per linear foot/month for storage periods of less than six months.


Yes, it is possible to skip winterizing, but it is smart to flush, clean, and treat with marine growth inhibitor and preservatives, mostly contained in a good solution, including antifreeze. This would be for the engines, generator, air conditioner, refrigeration, wash down pumps, sanitary system, and freshwater tanks, lines, and water heater.

  • Flush the system with marine growth-inhibiting products, and in most cases, a mix of containing marine/RV antifreeze.
  • Remove water from the bilge, clean it, dry it, and the odors go away.
  • Check your tank vents for function, especially the holding tank, as poorly working vents are the #1 cause of odors inside the boat.
  • Cover the engine room vents to keep out cold air and moisture, before the first frost.
  • Change the oil, and yes, recycle it. We have automated oil changing equipment as well as a holding tank for waste oil, which we use to supplement the heating of the buildings.

Prep for winter storage:

Before arriving, we recommend that you have your holding tank pumped. We do not put antifreeze in partially filled tanks. The pump-out station is located at the public landing next door to Dickerson Harbor. We can pump your holding tank for you at an additional charge, as long as we know ahead of time that it will need to be done. Labeling your boat’s shore power cord and adapters is also wise, as sometimes they get mixed up with other boats’ if they are not marked.

In a dry sea of boats…this Eastbay 49 HX had helm deck veneer and the headliner replaced while in covered storage.

The following items are included in Winterizing by Dickerson Harbor

  • Draining the water tanks, by-passing the water heater, winterizing all freshwater systems-including windshield wipers, icemakers, deck wash downs, and potable water systems, using non-toxic antifreeze.
  • Flushing the raw water side of engines and generators.
  • Covering engine room vents with plastic.
  • Removing water from the bilges which results in less odors.
  • Disconnecting the batteries, or checking them carefully every three months.
  • Removing saltwater from the entire structure.
  • Lifting up cushions and mattresses, and partially unzipping the covers

2020 Labor Rates

Our labor rates are $80.00 per hour for skilled labor, except for General Labor (interior cleaning, boat washing) we charge $65-$75. Sandblasting and Soda blasting charges determined by the job. We have a very productive layout, the right tools, and experienced staff. We do not charge mileage, travel time, or get acquainted with GB time! Looking around The Bay and East Coast, we find many services are rendered at higher rates than what we offer.

Listed below are some of the jobs we completed in August 2020

Teak deck conversion to Awlgrip over fiberglass on a Grand Banks 42 Motor Yacht in heated storage
  • Teak deck service, replacement, or conversion to fiberglass, painted deck
  • First-class paintwork using Awlgrip, Alexseal, and Axalta paints
  • Teak transom work
  • Window replacement, window frame repairs, and replacement
  • Engine, transmission, shaft, propeller, strut, and bearing work
  • Engine and Generator “transplants” up to 450hp and 20kW
  • Fuel and water tank cleaning, inspection, repair, replacement
  • Diesel heater service and installation
  • Air conditioning, icemaker, and refrigeration service and upgrades
  • Plumbing, sanitation, and lectra-san service and upgrades
  • Water filtration systems engineered and installed
  • Canvas work; from sail covers to new flybridge enclosure construction (bow bending by an outside contractor)
  • Custom hardtop
  • Mast and boom service, installation of boom lift systems, and the Oxford Davit
  • Installation and service of bow thrusters and stabilizers
  • Alternator and charging system upgrades, wiring maintenance, ACR’s
  • Transmission service including Twin Disc, and ZF
  • Veneer replacement
  • Racing sailboat rigging, bottom prep, and tuning

2020 Travel Lift Rates

The lift rates include hauling, first-class pressure washing, heavy blocking, relaunching, and where necessary, a small charge for transfer to a hydraulic trailer for ease of placement inside a building. These rates have been unchanged for many years. At the moment, we see no inflation on these items

An 83-foot commercial fishing vessel heads for launch in the spring
  • Boats up to 37 feet (25-ton lift) $14/foot
  • Boats over 37 feet (75-ton lift) 21’ beam max $16/foot
  • Lifts of boats up to 50 feet requiring double strapping or involving a trailer $16/foot
  • Boats over 50 feet, or lifts involving a combo trailer $18/foot
  • Short Haul – 25-ton lift, 4 hour maximum time on lift $8/foot
  • Short Haul – 75-ton lift, 4 hours max on lift $10/foot
  • For do it yourself work add $2/foot
  • Short hauls are available as our schedule allows.
  • Relaunch must occur within 12 months, or a surcharge will apply.


Our slip rates, hourly rates, nor storage rates include electric hook up or costs. Many boats are self-sufficient. We generally charge one hour to assess the boat’s fitness and safety considerations before plugging into the pedestals set up for this option. The most basic cost is one hour to review, examine, and hook up.

No electrically operated heaters are allowed on boats in dry storage by order of the State Fire Marshall, and most insurance companies.

An Eastbay 38 and a Stevens 47 in heated storage