Locations for Victron

Locations for Victron

Annapolis, Baltimore, Chesapeake Bay Victron | Dickerson Harbor Boatyard


Annapolis, Baltimore, and Chesapeake Bay Victron Installation and Repair by the Dickerson Harbor Boatyard

Welcome to Dickerson Harbor Boatyard, your premier destination for complex electrical modernization, installation, and repair work. With multiple locations throughout the region, we are proud to serve boaters in Annapolis MD, Baltimore MD, Chesapeake Bay Eastern Shore, Northern Virginia, and Washington DC.


At Dickerson Harbor Boatyard, we offer a wide range of high-quality products to meet your complex electrical system needs. Our installations and repairs cover the following products in addition to a wide range of other supporting suppliers:

Victron Electrical Systems

We are certified dealers of Victron electrical systems, providing you with reliable and efficient solutions for your boat’s electrical needs. These are the backbone of modernizing your yacht to give it the electrical performance to make your boating more fun.

Side-Power Thrusters

Enhance the maneuverability of your vessel with Side-Power Thrusters. Our expert technicians can install and repair these state-of-the-art thrusters to ensure optimal performance.

Lifeline Batteries

We offer Lifeline Batteries, known for their exceptional quality and reliability. Let us help you choose the right battery for your boat and install it with precision.

Blue Seas Distribution Equipment

Ensure a safe and efficient electrical system on your boat with Blue Seas electrical distribution components. Our team is experienced in installing and repairing these industry-leading components.

Installation and Repair Locations

You can have your installations and repairs done at our main facility in Dickerson Harbor Boatyard in Trappe MD. However, for your convenience, we also offer these services at any of the covered locations mentioned above. Our highly skilled technicians will ensure top-notch service and customer satisfaction, no matter which location you choose.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment or to discuss your electrical modernization, installation, or repair needs. We look forward to serving you at Dickerson Harbor Boatyard.