Chesapeake Bay Catamaran Center - Repairs, Slips, Storage, and Modernization

Chesapeake Bay Catamaran Center

Repairs, Slips, Storage, and Modernization

Learn about the Chesapeake Bay Catamaran Center and our full list of services

Chesapeake Bay Catamaran Center

The Dickerson Harbor Boatyard and The Oxford Yacht Agency are focused on being the premier location for sailing and power catamarans on the Chesapeake Bay. Located in the middle part of the eastern Chesapeake Bay in Oxford and Trappe MD, it has all the facilities needed for your hurricane storage, summer cruising headquarters, routine maintenance and modernization.

Your catamaran hurricane cruising, storage, and maintenance facility on the Chesapeake Bay.

  • Silent Yachts
  • Lagoon
  • PDQ (Power Cat)
  • Sun Reef
  • Seawind
  • Leopard
  • Shoalwater
  • Astrea
  • Aquila
  • Privledge
  • Nautitech
  • Silent Yacht
  • Traxxas

Born Out of Our Love For Sailing

Our Chesapeake Bay Catamaran Center was born out of our love for sailing and the recognition that catamaran or multihull sailors are seriously investing in their cruising enjoyment and need a full service facility. With our marina in Oxford MD and boat yard in Trappe Md, we can handle large multihulls of all configurations.

One of our travel lifts has been modified to handle boats up to 70’ length and 29’ beams. Using a travel lift instead of a crane increases your safety on haul out and means a much less expensive operation.

Our services all tailored to catamarans and multihulls include:

  • Slips that are very secure from hurricanes and storms
  • Covered storage
  • Heated storage in winter
  • Awlgrip experts
  • Full range of maintenance capability including hull, engines, rigging and systems
  • Modernization including electronics, rigging, painting
  • Hull and component painting in our full-sized paint shed

We have been a Grand Banks Yacht dealer for many years and now are the “go to” facility for everything Brand Banks. This means the quality you receive for your repairs and modernization are first class. We are experts in teak fabrication and brightwork, decks, and Awlgrip paint jobs.