Repowering a Grand Banks


Repowering a Grand Banks Yacht

We have repowered many Grand Banks yachts here in the yard. The engine removal is just part of the total picture however. While you have the engines out, it is a perfect opportunity to do some cleaning and repairs that are not possible with the engines in place. Below is the usual chain of events when we swap out engines in a boat.
  • Shut off all necessary seacocks, cap off fuel connections, etc.
  • Strip all parts from the engines, including disconnecting all wiring and fuel connections. This would include all parts on the engine that can be removed – we need to slim this down to fit it through the window.
  • Lift engine off mounts and up into the cabin
  • Lay sideways on a sliding platform that extends out through the window and roll out the window for removal from boat
  • Effect all cosmetic and repair work behind where the engines were previously mounted.
  • Check condition of stuffing boxes, couplings and mounts.
  • Strip new engine down to fit through window.
  • Lift to rolling platform and reverse procedure for getting engine out.
  • Reassemble engine and hook up all fuel, exhaust and water systems. *
Many hoses will need to be replaced if they are near the end of thier useful life cycle. It may also be a good time to upgrade fuel system. Repowering a Grand Banks yacht may seem like a daunting task, but we have done it many times before. Below are the initial stages of the job. Repowering a Grand Banks yachtGrand Banks engine replacement A strong platform needs to be built to slide the engine into the boat. The window is removed for this task and the platform rests on deck. As you can see, it is solidly built to take the weight of the engine. We now use a sliding platform arrangement that rides on rollers to make this task easier and more efficient. A bar extend through the cabin and is solidly anchored and supported on each end. This will hold the gear used to lower the engine into place. We now use a motorized rig that we developed that will lift the engine with less manpower – saving time and expense.

engrep4Before beginning, the whole cabin was papered and scrap carpet was put down to protect the sole. There are planks temporarily covering the engine access, but you can see that the engine pan has been removed and is being repaired and thoroughly cleaned.