Marine Engine Alignment

Grand Banks Marine engine alignment

Grand Banks Marine Engine Alignment

Running an engine out of alignment will cause premature failure of other parts in the drive train, including cutlass bearings and engine mounts. There may be some owners’ familiar with the process but DIY owners seldom perform this task themselves. We have special tools to get the system in as tight a tolerance as possible — we don’t like vibration! Grand Banks marine engine alignment is a specialty of our Dickerson Harbor boatyard. The most common cause of an Grand Banks and other cruising yacht engine alignment problem is bad engine mounts, although other factors could contribute such as having the hull flex too much for too long of a time out of water. Sometimes boats are even shipped from the factory with bad alignments. What ever the case, you need to make sure all of the components are in good condition before attempting an alignment. You may be faced with replacing cutlass bearings or engine mounts first. It would be a waste to get a good alignment and have it go bad again because the underlying cause was not corrected