Eastbay Yacht Modifications

Custom Eastbay Yacht Upgrades

We love Eastbay yachts. We have logged thousands of hours working on Eastbays and know the boat pretty darned well. As with any boat, there are some things we don’t like though and have come up with solutions to fixing these problems. But mechanically and structurally it is a great boat. Over the years we have also come up with some OYA original Eastbay customizations that deserve mention. If you have an idea for a customization for your Eastbay or just an idea for any Eastbay, contact us.
Eastbay 38 Hardtop Custom Eastbay 38 Hardtop

The original Eastbay 38 was only available as an express. Since there are so many around, we thought a hardtop conversion would be a nice feature for customizing.

View this project in our service log.

    Eastbay 43 Helm Door Custom Helm Deck Door

The owners of an Eastbay 43 wanted to be able to close off the helm area. This is a nice feature if you cruise with children or pets. View this project in our service log.

    Eastbay 43 Aft Enclosure Eastbay 43 Helm Enclosure

This is an extension of the helm door project and is a work in progress. The enclosure will be all clear Lexan with a sliding upper door. View this project in our service log.


Other Eastbay Customization Projects