Dickerson Harbor Service Terms

Dickerson Harbor Boatyard Service Terms

  1. All work exceeding 10 hours of labor requires a deposit to schedule
  2. All work exceeding 4 week time span will require periodic progress payments
  3. All work orders must be signed by customer before the work is scheduled
  4. Estimates are based on prior experience with similar jobs and are subject to change as scope of job progresses. Customer will be notified of problems arising which will change estimated times by more than 15%. No estimates are given without inspection of boat.
  5. To protect the customer’s boat, work areas will be padded in most cases and a charge will appear on the invoice to reflect this time.
  6. Periodic clean up of job and work area will be billed at our lowest rate.
  7. All work is tested upon completion. We warranty our labor for the industry standard of 60 days from invoice date. Parts carry specific manufacturer’s warranty and are covered by manufacturer only. Our warranty is limited to workmanship and does not apply to premature failure of products due to negligence, acts of nature or product defect.
  8. All invoices must be paid in full at completion of the work unless prior arrangements have been made.
  9. Daily storage charges will begin to accrue 3 days from invoicing if boat is left in marina.
  10. Employees are not available for consultation while working. All requests for additional services or changes must go through main office.
  11. We strive to deliver all jobs on time but sometimes, due to circumstances beyond our control, it is possible to miss deadlines. You will be alerted ahead of time should your estimated completion be late.
  12. All communication regarding work in progress or scheduled work should be in writing to avoid misunderstanding by either party.
  13. No assumptions can be made about the level of service you require. Please be specific as to your needs. We may offer other suggestions during the course of normal service or during storage season.
  14. A 10% Labor surcharge will apply when installing customer supplied equipment. Please make sure all parts are correct for application and adequate documentation is provided. Extra charges will apply for contacting equipment manufacturers.