I did get to do a walkabout today but couldn’t really catch anyone doing anything actually interesting. Everyone was doing stuff but none of it seemed to be something I needed to talk about. But it did feel good to be out in the sunshine walking around after being stuck on a heating pad all afternoon yesterday. Plus the wind has moved on out and it should prove to be a very nice day. They started the day launching sailboats because the tide was right for a change. One thing I happened to notice on this boat was the two-tone bottom paint job. The extremely straight line leads me to believe that there may be a purpose to this – I just can’t figure out what it is. On the Grand Banks 42 where we removed the microwave, the new cabinet door is now installed. Notice the framing and construction is exactly the same as the door next to it. The coloration will work itself out eventually. We are moving two small boats into the paint shed today. I thought this was going to happen a week ago but now that they are right in front of the paint shed it looks like this is going to happen now. Of course, taking the outboard off the Bristol skiff is not just a yank it job. You actually have to get inside to disconnect the cables. We are doing a mock up of a rear looking camera on a Grand Banks 42 Europa. Notice the hi-tech method of attaching the pod and cable collar.