I showed up for my physical 24 hours early!! I listened to my wife instead of looking at my calendar but if you’re married you tend to do that (or you ought to). In any event I can be late again tomorrow and you gotta love that! We will be bottom painting the Eastbay today so Kevin was doing the final finish work on the thruster which included sanding the inside of the tunnel.

Hand sand

I hate to keep showing varnish photos but this is turning out very well. Izzy only learned to varnish last spring and has really developed the skill. Some people can and some people can’t.


Seek and ye shall find. I found the exact replacement for the Speco hailer horn this week. We will be changing the mounting bracket though since it has yellowed as much as the horn and it just wouldn’t look right.


We installed a couple of 12v receptacles in the Grand Banks 47. I’m surprised the owner didn’t put in one of the USB sockets at the same time since he and his wife are both big electronics folks. These are Blue Sea receptacles and they do make a matching one for the USB should he decide later to add that.

This is a good spot

Kevin had to do some hull repairs to a boat with Awlgrip which is normally not that big of a problem except this one had clear coat on it which makes it difficult to repair. Although not perfect the repair bears up to all but the closest scrutiny.

hand work